climate change

i sit and listen to the thunder crack and roll…a summer storm is taking hold…
the water is streaming off the rooftop. i am in, dry.

I can only say that we ignore this to our detriment. climate change. so much is outside of the realm of our ability to take action.

or is it?
we can listen and be willing to learn.

change the climate in which we live (in our heads) and be willing to offer ideas.
i am exhausted by the world, really. and even by my own ways of moving in it.

i had dinner with a friend who said she is thinking to become a psychotherapist.
we are on the same path. but who will get there the soonest?

look how the brain plays tricks…
comparison is the surest way to take oneself down.
no no no no no!!!

truth is, we’ll meet in the middle and ‘therapize’ each other
as we go into old age. for, that’s what best friends do.

and we’ll sit in her chinese garden
because i’m sure it’s very beautiful
and i have never been.

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