From one compassionate mess to another…

Are you a simple (or not-so-simple) soul trying to ‘survive’ these trying times? I get it.

How about thriving? It’s possible. But to everything there is a season because sometimes, some days are just shit hard.

The question is: how shall we live today?

Allow me to introduce myself

My name is DJ LJ. This is my creative handle.

I write under this pseudonym because I live in a politically sensitive environment in the Middle East and (completely unrelated) I was harassed online by a cyberstalker three years ago. Hence, my privacy is a matter of concern at this time. As an international educator, I would also like the privilege of writing and publishing media freely without my students happening upon my thoughts. This handle affords me some privacy.

I write – songs, poetry, prose, articles – and have a passion for media, marketing and communication.

What sets me apart from every other blogger on the planet is this: I live in a ‘beach shack’ on the Persian Gulf in a beautiful old compound with tall trees and nattering old crows. I am, in essence, a migrant – one of the fortunate ones. I have the pleasure and sometimes displeasure of living between three countries, continents and cultures. I travel far and wide and have a lot to say about this.

I also collaboratively coach, train, and consult in multiple areas of my expertise: (meditation and Mindful Self-Compassion, small business development, creativity and fitness/personal performance).

It might be of interest for you to know that I am a spiritual pluralist of sometimes flagging faith – an existentialist at heart – and a psychotherapist in the making. I love the teachings of Buddhism in particular and Zen especially. Islam holds secrets I have deep respect for. The deities of Hinduism as well as mysticism, Jung and metaphor intrigue me. Despite my non-religious upbringing, the ritual songs (Amazing Grace, for example) of my parents quasi Judeo-Christian faith have touched my heart and come back to me at important times in life – death, namely. I’m currently enjoying a long, slow journey into this career shift into becoming a therapist, and everything I have learned up until now informs that.

Currently, I teach theatre arts, digital media and compassionate action/service learning to middle and high school students.

Finally, I love coffee. You will hear about this throughout my writings: my coffee tastes and adventures aka ‘my cafe life’.

Where you’ll find me and a bit about my podcast and newsletter

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To you and your messy, beautiful life!

So, you see, if you’re feeling a strange kind of malaise or suffering that’s hard to put into words, you’ve come to the right place. Here we explore ways to be with that pain and thrive despite it.

Here’s to living with compassion for others and self-compassion for ourselves.

Here’s to discovering the art of living in a mad world and enjoying the journey of becoming a Compassionate Mess!